Natasha Raey


A serial entrepreneur and philanthropist, Natasha Raey’s primary work focuses include healthcare, women’s empowerment and medical marijuana. 

Natasha is the Chief Relationship Officer at Grads Like Me – a technology startup that aims to helps students create their personal brand and connect with employers for job and project opportunities. As a consultant in the primary healthcare field, Natasha works with construction companies, health authorities and family practitioners to improve patient attachment and the experience of family physicians, in addition to overseeing clinical planning for new developments. 

As the co-founder of She Talks Global, Natasha spearheaded the creation of this movement that has created a platform for real women to share their raw, authentic stories. Natasha is also involved as a team member and partner in a handful of medical marijuana companies in Canada. In addition, Natasha co-owns a jewelry company that was created by Canadian Forces Veterans with the goals of raising funds and awareness for PTSD ( 

Most recently, Natasha opened a multi-disciplinary health centre and pharmacy in downtown Toronto, and is working on a new venture in the hospitality industry in British Columbia. A true nomad, Natasha splits her time between Toronto and Vancouver.