Barinder Rasode

Barinder is the CEO of NICHE, an independent, not-for-profit  organization that provides impartial and evidence-based research about  cannabis production and use in Canada.

Based  in Vancouver with a national vision, NICHE was established in 2017  after discussions with the Federal and Provincial governments, industry,  universities, patients, consumers, non-governmental organizations, law  enforcement agencies and other stakeholders.

Barinder  has extensive experience working with senior levels of government,  stakeholders and the private sector to find common ground to encourage  respectful, informed dialogue on diverse issues to tackle emerging  challenges facing BC’s future.

A  fierce advocate of women’s rights, Barinder is the co-founder and  Advisory Committee Chair for a unique series of conferences, SheTalks,  each featuring 16 inspirational women who share stories of leadership,  transformation, innovation, and how to succeed in today’s rapidly  changing world. To date SheTalks has produced 11 popular events,  including SheTalks YVR, SheTalks Resources and SheTalks Technology,  highlighting the stories of over 160 women.

Barinder also hosts SheTalks Radio a weekly show on Roundhouse 98.3 FM.